Multiple Choice Tests

I haven’t picked A in a while. I’ll go with A…“D” is for dumb! Uh oh. “C” it is….“Answer not provided.” SERIOUSLY? Why.

And then of course, we all fear getting off track with our bubbles. So should you be excited when you have a multiple choice, rather than a student produced response, final?

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Public (Sassy) Service Announcements:

  • Couples: you do not get entire lunch tables to yourself. Sorry.
  • Treat the hallways like the freeway: keep moving at the same pace, in the same direction. If you miss your exit, go to the next one and loop back around.
  • Seniors are grumpy. Do not ask them about college.
  • Everyone is limited to two interruptions per class.
  • Cutting in the lunch line does not make you cool.
  • Plan your gathering announcements before you stand up to make them.
  • How late you stayed up to finish your homework is not a competition. Do not make it one.

The Cult of the Rolling Backpack

They gather from all corners of campus. You never know where you might spot one, lurking, waiting to pounce. Their approach is marked by the ominous clacking of their wheels on cold, hard pavement, a perfect marriage of plastic and asphalt. You’d best get your legs out of the way, because if you don’t, they will trundle right over you. As they reach the base of the staircase, their mating dance may be observed. A soft downwards push on the handle followed by a hard jerk upwards on each step. Their backpacks are extensions of themselves, a graceful arc from shoulder to floor. Their gait is purposeful. They know where they’re going, walking with a determined glint in their eyes. Others cannot pretend to know the burden they bear, marching ever onwards. They roll forever into the sunset, into infinity.

Do the Basketball Teams Play?

Is our school’s basketball team a front? After several cancelled games over the last week due to “snow”, the varsity boys basketball players have seemingly worn their warmups every other day yet have only played one game this season. Basketball is an indoor sport, so snow shouldn’t really affect the games, should it? 

Lunch (p)review:

  • Monday: Pasta…with both marinara and Alfredo sauce? Yes please! 8/10
  • Tuesday: Santa Fe beef, and Brazilian turkey? Ok, at least there were chips. 5/10.
  • Wednesday: Chicken (a.k.a. no surprises, at all), except they had to add orange sauce? I guess you could go for the spicy Bolognese at the global bar… 3/10.
  • Thursday: Turkey tetrazzini, and TexMex! While the tetrazzini may be subpar, the TexMex more than makes up for it. 8/10.
  • Friday: The perennially good lunch day, this week it is hamburgers (ingredients unknown) and French fries. The Hungary bar may not be the best, but it’s by no means bad if you’re looking for some vegetarian paprikash. 8/10.

Trivia Review, December 11, 2013

Delectably awkward sums this one up. Most of these pick-up lines were super-common, and it seems like most people had heard them before. A redeeming factor was that Natalie and Daniel were demonstrating the pick-up lines on each other, which made it funny and greatly uncomfortable to watch. More original/rare jokes would have been nice, though.

Today’s rating: B

15 Ways You Know You Go to OES

1. You have the lunch menu bookmarked. And you check it about as much as you check Facebook.

2. You’ve given up on the concept of Dead Week (the week before finals), because you know it will be just as stressful and project/test filled as Finals Week.

3.You’re caught completely off-guard when your out of school friends refer to their teachers as Mr. and Mrs. Something.

4. When you’re not in school, you still expect someone to serve you cheese, fruit, and some sort of cracker at 10am.

5. Double Sleep-in days become as exciting as your birthday. And you brag about it to your friends when it’s your Double Sleep-in week.Read More »