The library held its annual secret Gravyfest party the day before Thanksgiving break. The Dig is revealing the festival to the OES community in hopes that more people will attend next year, as this year’s turnout was just seven. Not enough for a game of soccer, but it made for a cozy little party.

In the gravy cooking contest the winner was – for the third straight year – mashed potatoes and gravy. Turkey and gravy came in a close second, followed by biscuits and gravy.

The gravy limerick contest had its most submissions ever – almost ten! – and a winner was crowned. Find Chris Myers in the library and ask him, “Pass the gravy, please,” and he’ll recite the winning poem for you.

PS- don’t read the library’s copy of the fifth Harry Potter book for a little while. Gravy stains take an awfully long time to dry.

The library’s next liquid food-related festival is Nogstock, next Friday after school.

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