College Application/Acceptance/Rejection Etiquette

So it’s that time of year when seniors start hearing back from their Early Action and/or Early Decision schools. For many seniors, particularly those ED fellows, the college from which they are hearing back are their top-choice, dream, often-reach schools, and withDecember 15th approaching, seniors are beginning to crumble with stress and apprehension. 


If you are not a senior, you have NO IDEA the stress they are under. If you don’t know, college admissions is WEIRD. You can never know who will get in, and who will not. It is honestly a freaking crapshoot. 


Therefore, it has become necessary to make this PSA. Unless you are a senior, and even then tone it down please, STOP TALKING ABOUT COLLEGE. If they get in, great! Awesome! Congratulate them profusely because IT’S A BIG FREAKING DEAL!! But don’t walk up to someone and ask them if they got in, because if not, you’ve just created a really awkward situation for both people. Better to wait for the “official” Facebook post. 

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