Running the Mile and a Half By Bradley Crislip

When I walked into gathering, I was expecting just another 15 minutes of cheese, pretending I’m not talking if a teacher looks at me, and Daniel and Natalie not being able to do trivia because of someone’s personal vendetta towards them, just like usual. However, Coleen Davis decided to put that all to an end when she made an announcement about the mile and a half, as I fell back into memories of running and exercise that I had tried for months to repress.

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Michael Brock by Vijay Edupuganti and Spencer Slovic

Michael Brock. Our fearless leader. The man who leads us in Happy Birthday every gathering and might just be the nicest person EVER. But who is this guy? And how did he turn from this (pictured with a young Nick Robinson and Elliott Friedman).
To this (current profile picture, with Andrea Boorse)?
Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 8.12.12 PM
The Dig asked him some questions to find out.

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The Drama… Of The OES Fantasy Basketball League by Brian Eisner

Although OES’s fantasy football league has grabbed coverage with its gripping story that was ran in The Dig a bit ago, the OES fantasy basketball league has much more drama. For one, the divisions that were set up at the start of the league were the White, Asian, and Indian divisions (the multi-ethnic basketball enthusiasts found this humorous). Anyways, the teams, the teams!

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Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner


  • Monday: Pasta, always good! Even with none of the goodness of Alfredo Sauce, the pasta was worth everything. There’s a Moroccan bar if you don’t want some pasta. 7/10.
  • Tuesday: Pesto…you guessed it, chicken! It actually tasted pretty good! Also some Cajun blackened catfish…5/10.
  • Wednesday: Shells and cheese!!! Nothing else needs to be said. 10/10.
  • Thursday: Some “Lunar new year classics” here, such as chicken stir fry and Sichuan beef. If you don’t like this, then, well…I don’t know what to tell ya. It is pretty good though… 7/10.
  • Friday: Ah, the fortnightly TexMex bar. You also have some lemon chicken if you’re not into this. 8/10.

Trivia Review, January 29, 2014 by Spencer Slovic

Great trivia doesn’t necessarily need a great topic. Today’s topic: quotes from books we should have read. It’s a good topic, but doesn’t scream “greatest trivia of the year!” What made this one good were the questions themselves, in particular one nicely tricky question from Daniel. The quotations weren’t the most popular quotes from the book, but they weren’t so obscure that no one would recognize them. The golden question was the one that mentioned Troy, yet wasn’t from The Iliad, The Oddessy, or any of the other freshman humanities books. Where was it from, then? Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Everyone read that one…right?

Today’s rating: A-