About Us

At the beginning of this school year, the student online newspaper, The Blöphish, confronted the grim reality that our beloved blog was dying. We had three loyal contributors, all of whom would be graduating in the spring. We put our heads together and agreed it was time to bury the Blophish and create a new blog that was more timely and invited more engagement in the school community. The Aardvark Dig was born. The idea behind The Dig is to be provocative. We want students to be more actively engaged in community issues and participate in conversations about them. We love our school and care a lot about school issues. To date, we have questioned the current science research program, berated students for their slovenly behavior in the dining hall, challenged the assumptions behind assigning Activity credit for Extreme Study Hall, and celebrated the unsung glory of fantasy football. And fantasy basketball.

We also pledge to take our words seriously. While we hope to challenge and provoke, it is never our prerogative to lie, offend, shame, demean or embarrass anyone. If you object to the content of an article or feel we have our facts wrong, we ask that you join the conversation. Voice your opinion. We will post all comments, outside articles and community feedback on our blog so long as it is not deemed hurtful or overly-inflammatory by our staff.

Here is what you can do: To foster discussion, please post comments about our stories, or even contribute an article to The Dig (even anonymously, if you wish*). Just as importantly, start conversations at the lunch table, in the hallways, before and after classes. We need an engaged Aardvark community talking about important issues in order to thrive as a school.

Additionally, we would like to emphasize the efforts of the writers. We take risks in writing pieces, posting our opinions publicly for all to criticize or agree with. We stand by our words and take what we say seriously–even though our tone is often satirical. This is enough of a task in and of itself; therefore the most productive way to engage in a constructive conversation is through commenting on an article. The comment box gives everyone the opportunity to post his or her reflections on a given post. If individuals don’t feel comfortable leaving their name, you may comment anonymously! The opinions represented in The Dig are just that–opinions–and they are not necessarily embraced by the OES Administration, the faculty or the student body as a whole.  We expect and welcome contrary opinions and look forward to having the Dig foster and promote a healthy exchange of ideas.

We hope you enjoy our newspaper!

– Janine Kritschgau, Spencer Slovic, Brian Eisner, Vijay Edupuganti, Patrick McVee, Abe Asher, Bradley Crislip, and Liam Wogan

* anonymous articles will be vetted by the entire writing staff prior to posting.

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