Snow is coming down! After months of cold, frosty drought, we might finally see the first substantial snow of the year. The road is turning whiter- will there be a white Christmas/Groundhog Day/Valentines Day? Beaverton High School is ending at 1:00 pm today- should OES? Semi and the senior tea, both this weekend could be canceled or rescheduled. If Semi is rescheduled it will be moved to the middle school commons, just because the ballroom it is at would be too expensive to schedule again. The Dig reporters took to the streets (or hallways) of the school to see the students’ opinions on various snow-related issues.

Due to safety concerns, should OES end the school day at 1:00 pm today?

46 answers: 78% yes, 11% no, 11% maybe

Conclusion: let us out of here!

Revision: students know best

Do you think there will there be a snow day tomorrow?

30 answers: 73% yes, 27% no

Conclusion: even if there is school tomorrow, will many students come?

Some students were quoted, saying “I’m still not going to school, no matter what.” “They can’t predict the future.” “It’s scary.” “It’s a ******* blizzard.”

If Semi was canceled, would you cry?

38 answers: 82% no, 13% yes, 5% “sarcastic” yes

Conclusion: there are some people very invested in Semi

If Semi was canceled and rescheduled to the following weekend, in the middle school commons, would you go?

57 answers: 12% yes, 63% no, 25% maybe

Conclusion: fancy dresses in the middle school commons…?


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