“De-stress”* Five Ways to Relax About Science Fair by Patrick McVee

1)   Prepare! Go over stuff! There’s no better way to assure that you won’t mess up.

2)   Complain. Complaining is fun, and can be therapeutic. I’ve made a personal commitment to complain as much as humanly possible until this week is over.

3)   Approach it like an athlete: Get sleep, if you can. Make sure to eat well beforehand, and if you want, do a warm-up before the fair (cross-country style!).

4)   Keep it all in perspective. Maybe you’ll win something, maybe you won’t. After a certain point, worrying is pointless. Plus, there are up-sides to both: if you don’t win anything, you’re done. If you have to continue, that means you probably placed.

5)   Enjoy the fair**! It’s not every day you get to skip school to stand around being interrogated by judges about something you’ve worked on for the past five months.

If you’re a senior, then none of this applies to you and you should be fine.

One more year…

*Tay, consider yourself duly cited.

** I know, I know

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