So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days, you probably knew about the game last night, and its awesomely awesome outcome of OES winning! The road to the win…that was the best thing I’ve ever seen this year. OES jumped out to an early lead, and had a comfortable lead at the end of the first half, thanks to some great plays and great defense. However, Catlin rallied, and midway through the fourth quarter, the game became as intense as any NBA game. At times, the outcome seemed bleak, as OES lost the ball a few times, but Catlin could just not stop fouling OES, with a high free-throw-conversion rate. In the end, OES won by a slim margin, but hey, a win is a win, no matter how it is accomplished!

            Now of course, the game attracted a lot of fans from both teams, and the atmosphere at the game was one of absolute insanity. If you weren’t at the game for whatever crazy reason, you missed out on a LOT! At the start of the first quarter, Catlin’s fans seemed to outnumber ours, but as the game progressed to the second and third quarters, OES’s fans started piling up, to the point at which there was no more room the bleachers. The uproar from the crowd never ceased, and being on the end myself, I’m pretty sure my hearing in my right ear will now be much better than that of my left ear. It was at the start of the fourth quarter, though, when things really got intense. The fans never sat down the entire quarter, and every time anything good happened to OES, the crowd erupted into an absolute frenzy. With cheers starting up every time OES did something good, as well as us in the front row getting really into the game (if you were there, you know what I’m talking about), the atmosphere was one of pure awesomeness.


            A quick message to the team: YOU GUYS GOT THIS, YOU CAN WIN STATE! WE HAVE CONFIDENCE!!!!!!

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