Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner

After a slight hiatus, the lunch (p)review is back, and better than ever, with an especially good week to re-kick it off!

  • Monday: Honestly, pasta and chicken vindaloo on the same day? The only reaction I can give to this is: “Heck yes!” 9/10.
  • Tuesday: Chili upon chili upon chili! Well, I would say that, but they ran out of not only the best type, but also the second best type, leaving many people with the subpar types. Uh oh. Anyways, 7/10.
  • Wednesday: Similar to Monday, we have pasta and another good dish, in this case sloppy joes. 9/10.
  • Thursday: Tacos! That is all. 9/10.
  • Friday: …and macaroni and cheese to end the week! Really, you can’t get much better than this. 10/10.

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