Fantasy Invitation

Hey Guys, The Aardvark Dig will be running the first annual OES NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. If you are intereste, please sign up now, and a link will be sent to you on Selection Sunday (March 16th). You will then receive instructions on how to fill in your bracket. The prize for the best bracket is eternal glory on the Aardvark Dig website and an announcement in gathering. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! Thanks, The Aardvark Dig Staff

My Winterim by Janine Kritschgau

The next week might just be the best week of my life- I’ve incorporated an interesting mix of horses and sushi into my schedule… I will be splitting my next week between Southern California and “Japan” (the anatomy lab with some oriental rugs in it). Thursday through Sunday I’ll be competing at HITS Thermal located in the sunny Coachella Valley. I’m catching a night flight back to the 503 on Sunday night, just in time to eat massive amounts of avocado rolls and chat while chatting with Tanja. Basically, it’s going to be an awesome time. 

Trivia Review, March 10, 2014 by Spencer Slovic

Tennis puns? Some of them were fairly obvious, since they said the premise of the trivia was tennis puns, like the one (I forgot the wording) that ended in the punchline “a tennis player!” Some of them were rather okay, like the “Love means nothing to tennis players,” but most of them just got a forced “ha.” What about track puns? We literally don’t stop saying them during warmups every day. We’re getting so sick of them we might have to start awarding bonus laps during warmups for whoever says them (for the record, the only person forced to run bonus laps in the history of track was Spencer Slovic as a freshman).

Today’s Rating: C+

Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner

  • Monday: Cheeseburger…pasta? Interesting combination, I have to say. But man, that Thai chicken was the largest piece of chicken I have ever seen! 6/10
  • Tuesday: Again, chicken, this time of the orange variety. I know the tostadas were quite hyped beforehand, but I guess I found them rather meh. Dunno what happened there. 5/10
  • Wednesday: Ham dinner? What does that mean; it’s quite vague. Could it be just ham, or a ham with other stuff? Lamb stew sounds, well, interesting. I’ve got to say, the choices this week are rather unconventional. 4/10
  • Thursday: If you’re staying here for Winterim, you’ve got…corny dogs? How do those differ from corn dogs? I guess that remains to be seen! If they don’t’ turn out well for whatever reason, the Szechuan beef is always a reliable alternative, or tofu if you’re vegetarian. 8/10.
  • Friday: Enchiladas AND Chicken Korma? Two of the best foods on earth on the same day! You’ve even got some Aloo Golbi if you’re vegetarian! 10/10

The Replacements “Let It Be” Review by Bradley Crislip

My brother and I were talking about music as usual, when he asked me my opinion of the Replacements. When I selfishly and embarrassingly admitted that I had never listened to them, you would have thought I just told my brother that someone died, as through text messaging I somehow could still see him holding back tears. “YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THE CLASSICS BRAD YOU’RE NOT MY REAL BROTHER IF YOU DON’T” is something along the lines of what he said to me even after I said on about fifteen times that I would listen to it that night.

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Lunch Review (Last Week): By Brian Eisner

  • Monday: Well, to kick off the week full of prodigious lunches, we had pasta with Alfredo sauce, with gluten free available! Doesn’t get much better. 10/10.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast for…lunch? Yes, you heard right. Despite the slight pancake fiasco, the lunch was enjoyable, as all pancake lunches are. The fact that they went out handing out extras was great too…I had 4 and there were still plenty left. 9/10 (with the point deduction coming from telling us that they were going to run out when they did not).
  • Wednesday: Ah, the fortnightly taco day strikes again! Flour tortillas (although it would be 100% better if they painted flowers on them *zing*) with chicken for those who don’t eat red meat…again just extreme goodness. 8/10.
  • Thursday: Build-your-own Vietnamese bar? Sounds…interesting, to say the least. 7/10.
  • Friday: Well, I’m not sure what to make of this. Sticky…drumsticks with plum sauce? Interesting combination, to say the least. I guess you could have also had some loin at the French bar…5/10.