Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner

  • Monday: Cheeseburger…pasta? Interesting combination, I have to say. But man, that Thai chicken was the largest piece of chicken I have ever seen! 6/10
  • Tuesday: Again, chicken, this time of the orange variety. I know the tostadas were quite hyped beforehand, but I guess I found them rather meh. Dunno what happened there. 5/10
  • Wednesday: Ham dinner? What does that mean; it’s quite vague. Could it be just ham, or a ham with other stuff? Lamb stew sounds, well, interesting. I’ve got to say, the choices this week are rather unconventional. 4/10
  • Thursday: If you’re staying here for Winterim, you’ve got…corny dogs? How do those differ from corn dogs? I guess that remains to be seen! If they don’t’ turn out well for whatever reason, the Szechuan beef is always a reliable alternative, or tofu if you’re vegetarian. 8/10.
  • Friday: Enchiladas AND Chicken Korma? Two of the best foods on earth on the same day! You’ve even got some Aloo Golbi if you’re vegetarian! 10/10

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