Lunch Review (Last Week): By Brian Eisner

  • Monday: Well, to kick off the week full of prodigious lunches, we had pasta with Alfredo sauce, with gluten free available! Doesn’t get much better. 10/10.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast for…lunch? Yes, you heard right. Despite the slight pancake fiasco, the lunch was enjoyable, as all pancake lunches are. The fact that they went out handing out extras was great too…I had 4 and there were still plenty left. 9/10 (with the point deduction coming from telling us that they were going to run out when they did not).
  • Wednesday: Ah, the fortnightly taco day strikes again! Flour tortillas (although it would be 100% better if they painted flowers on them *zing*) with chicken for those who don’t eat red meat…again just extreme goodness. 8/10.
  • Thursday: Build-your-own Vietnamese bar? Sounds…interesting, to say the least. 7/10.
  • Friday: Well, I’m not sure what to make of this. Sticky…drumsticks with plum sauce? Interesting combination, to say the least. I guess you could have also had some loin at the French bar…5/10.

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