Lunch (p)review by Brian Eisner

·      Monday: Tortellini? Seems pretty good until you realize that it’s already in a sauce that, well, didn’t taste the best. Knocks the ranking down by quite a lot. 5/10

·      Tuesday: Tacos…again great until you realize that they’re fish tacos. I guess those chicken drumsticks at the main bar were pretty good, but something about them just wasn’t the best. The tortillas were also subpar. 5/10

·      Wednesday: Ah, an Indian bar; always open good. Not much more needs to be said. 8/10

·      Thursday: Cheese lasagna! Of course they’re liable to do what they did Monday too, but even if so, the Chinese salad bar can always be a great backup. 8/10

·      Friday: Kung Pao Chicken! Yumyumyumyumyum! That is all. 9/10

Three Perspectives (and an editorial) on This Year’s Culture Shock by Patrick McVee

Nate Faust, an ISA leader, has an upbeat view of the 2014 edition of Culture Shock. “I thought it was really good. And the keynote speech- Aisha Fukushima- that was amazing. It was so much better than last year.”

He acknowledged that there were some initial technical difficulties, but expressed pride in how ISA handled them. Whole-school participation created some problems, he said, but “it was really great to have everybody participate. There were some minor issues, but I think we can get them fixed by next year”.

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Dominican Republic Winterim by Liam Wogan

ImageI went on the coveted Dominican Republic Trip for my Winterim this year, which was a magnificent experience. We made lesson plans and taught children English every day and the kids actually listened to us! They were hilarious and adorable and they seemed to love learning. Later in the days, we got to go play soccer in the park with any kids who showed up. Though I am not a huge soccer guy (besides my infamous and short-lived middle school career as a second-string defenseman for the B team even back in eighth grade), I had a blast running around and talking with these kids, and I even showed some promise at goalie after a few days of hard work and perseverance.

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Home Track Meet by Brian Eisner

If you for whatever reason haven’t heard the constant gathering announcements or my incessant pestering of you to come, let it be known that we have our only home track meet of the season today! Starting with throwing and jumping events at 3:30, and with running events starting at 4:00, we would appreciate any fans that can make it here! This isn’t to mention that it is senior night, and speaking for us six seniors on track, we would love a large crowd at 3:45 for the recognition! Whether you just want to watch Nathan Faust destroy the high jump, Spencer Slovic wreck the 3000, or Tess Oberholtzer, James Graybeal, and I have a field day in the 100, come out and support us! GO TRACK!

Shame. On. You. by Janine Kritschgau




This isn’t a news flash– we all see these disgusting tables left behind at lunch. Dirty napkins, food debris, cups, plates, and cracker wrappers are left scattered across tables and the floor. Chairs are left strewn.  I took it upon myself to clean up some of these tables, and let me tell you, it is no fun. STOP LEAVING MESSES. YOU GUYS ARE GROSS.
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Trivia Review, April 21, 2014 by Spencer Slovic

If there’s one lesson we learned from the TV show “Portlandia”, it’s that the same joke told over and over in different ways begins to lose its humor. Natalie and Daniel have generally been pretty decent this year, but their Portlandia “Conversation Starter” trivia a month or so ago was a misstep. Today, they followed up that misstep by driving a land-bound rocket in the wrong direction straight into a cliffside. There was a spattering of nervous laughter, but certainly not at the jokes. Not a single one of the “conversation starters” made any sense, or were even cleverly nonsensical. They said at least one of those “conversation starters” last time they tried this ill-conceived trivia topic, not that the first Portlandia trivia was memorable enough for me to know if they repeated any others. The trivia masters’ delivery was off- they knew they blew it. It was starting to approach Thomas-Hashiguchi levels of discomfort. It was disappointing that when we finally have trivia, which happens rarely nowadays, it was old and stale. Natalie and Daniel have a few weeks still to turn it around and end the year on a high note- treat this rating as more of a warning and progress report than a final grade.

Today’s Rating: F

Tay MacIntyre Moves to Mexico by Abe Asher

In the middle of July, Tay MacIntyre will rent a moving truck, put her VW Beatle in tow, and begin the long 35-hour trek to to Mexico. She’s making stops in Aspin, Colorado, and Marfa, Texas, with her “sidekick” Bingo the dog.

Here’s hoping she’ll recognize her new home – Tay has never been to Monterrey, the city she is moving to.

It’s a brave leap in a big world, but one that Tay is ready for.

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Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner

  • Monday: Pasta pasta pasta again? Is this a weekly thing now? And why not just plain old pasta? 8/10.
  • Tuesday: Mongolian beef was pretty good, and if you’re vegetarian, then the pad thai noodle salad sounds indubitably impressive. 8/10
  • Wednesday: “Shake & Bake” chicken drumsticks? What is that supposed to mean?! We’ll see I guess. Udon noodles as well though? Heck yes. 8/10
  • Thursday: Mmm, Italian pasta; when is that not good? Although the big headline comes from the other bar, where a low carbon fajita bar is present. Gotta go green! 9/10
  • Friday: CHICKEN STRIPS!!!! YES YES YES! If you’re vegetarian, we have some salad stuff at a salad bar. What a way to cap off a great week. 9/10



Don’t worry, Cameron Slovic wasn’t actually doing the surgery in this photo. He and I were on a surgical mission with our dad and a team of doctors in a rural clinic in Kenya over spring break. Cameron and I did small things that helped the real surgeons- cutting sutures and holding retractors, mostly. The surgeons joked that they hadn’t done what Cameron and I got to do- scrub in and actually aid hands-on in surgery- until they were third-year medical students, or residents, even. The trip was a great experience for Cameron and I in learning more about surgery, and as a team we did over 50 surgical cases without a single report of infection, all successes.

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