Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner

  • Monday: WHY DID WE MISS A HOT DOG BAR????????? I guess it is a good thing that we didn’t have school on opening day; it allowed me to think about baseball all day.
  • Tuesday: Well, we had pasta here…turned out to be pretty good, even with no Alfredo sauce. Gyros are a rather disputed food, but for those who don’t like pasta, it’s a nice alternative. Also, PSA: if you cut the line, then you are a massive idiot. 7/10
  • Wednesday: We’ve got yet more broccoli beef, a lunch regular. It’s not as bad as people say, even if you go with the broccoli tofu instead! Brazilian turkey will be present at the other bar…certainly new. 6/10
  • Thursday: Sloppy Joes for all you non-vegetarians out there. Vegetarian Sloppy Joes are an alternative…never tried one though, so I can’t comment on it. A…salad bar as the world bar? We already have one though! 7/10
  • Friday: Cheese ravioli! And TexMex on the same day! Hard to beat this! 9/10

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