Lunch Review by Brian Eisner


  • Monday: According to the menu, it was “pasta pasta pasta”. Well, I only noticed one type of pasta up there, so shouldn’t have it just been pasta? Anyways, pasta’s always good, so that’s, well, good! 8/10
  • Tuesday: Ah, orange chicken, a regular. I don’t know how many people would go for that though, especially when the other bar contained tacos! Although they did run out of shells before I could get there; that is unacceptable! 7/10
  • Wednesday: All I can say is: looking good! Vietnamese food is always good, so the Vietnamese bar is sure to be awesome. At the main bar, we have…*drum roll please*…OES garden herb roasted chicken drumsticks!  8/10
  • Thursday: BBQ pork ribs were great, if you’re not a vegetarian that is. Since the other bar doesn’t have any vegetarian options either, that really knocks today’s ranking down. 4/10
  • Friday: Pizzacato pizza…on a day we’re not here. Really? 0/10 for that. I guess dorm students can enjoy it, so 10/10 for them.