Nathan Carpenter by Abe Asher

In the wake of the thoroughly deserving Nathan Carpenter being voted the 2014 Patty Jean Semura Award winner, I collected thoughts from Nathan’s teachers and peers on the great man himself.

On Nathan at large:

“A good guy.”

“A man who uses humor to connect lives.”

“A delightful mix of Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell……. But so much better than that terrible movie they did together.”

“He makes a teacher’s job rewarding.”

“He knows and cares about what his right in the world.”

On Nathan’s political career:

“A man with the prowess of confidence and the power of integrity.”

“Herman Cain in the way-back time machine.”

“He has grown tremendously into a gregarious leader.”

“One of those people that gives you hope in the power of democracy.”

Nathan as described by his Spanish teacher, Señora Boyle:

Nathan in one sentence? Imposible! BUT, I would say that what has really impressed me is his kind leadership, his aura of “it is going to be ok” that he shares with the world.  Fun, funny but at the same time very deep: he is able to bring your heart to a different level when he talks in chapel.  Fabulous negotiator, oh my!, great sense of humor and a deepness that impresses me for such a young man.  In my case, he is a great ambassador not only for OES but of American culture and he has an innate ability to cross cultures which is very rare at such young age. Is the UN listening? 😉

Final Words:

Nathan, there is a lot of love out there. A lot of love. Congratulations.

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