Lunch (p)review: by Brian Eisner

  • Monday: Pasta pasta pasta again? Is this a weekly thing now? And why not just plain old pasta? 8/10.
  • Tuesday: Mongolian beef was pretty good, and if you’re vegetarian, then the pad thai noodle salad sounds indubitably impressive. 8/10
  • Wednesday: “Shake & Bake” chicken drumsticks? What is that supposed to mean?! We’ll see I guess. Udon noodles as well though? Heck yes. 8/10
  • Thursday: Mmm, Italian pasta; when is that not good? Although the big headline comes from the other bar, where a low carbon fajita bar is present. Gotta go green! 9/10
  • Friday: CHICKEN STRIPS!!!! YES YES YES! If you’re vegetarian, we have some salad stuff at a salad bar. What a way to cap off a great week. 9/10