Trivia Review, April 21, 2014 by Spencer Slovic

If there’s one lesson we learned from the TV show “Portlandia”, it’s that the same joke told over and over in different ways begins to lose its humor. Natalie and Daniel have generally been pretty decent this year, but their Portlandia “Conversation Starter” trivia a month or so ago was a misstep. Today, they followed up that misstep by driving a land-bound rocket in the wrong direction straight into a cliffside. There was a spattering of nervous laughter, but certainly not at the jokes. Not a single one of the “conversation starters” made any sense, or were even cleverly nonsensical. They said at least one of those “conversation starters” last time they tried this ill-conceived trivia topic, not that the first Portlandia trivia was memorable enough for me to know if they repeated any others. The trivia masters’ delivery was off- they knew they blew it. It was starting to approach Thomas-Hashiguchi levels of discomfort. It was disappointing that when we finally have trivia, which happens rarely nowadays, it was old and stale. Natalie and Daniel have a few weeks still to turn it around and end the year on a high note- treat this rating as more of a warning and progress report than a final grade.

Today’s Rating: F