Lunch (p)review by Brian Eisner

·      Monday: Tortellini? Seems pretty good until you realize that it’s already in a sauce that, well, didn’t taste the best. Knocks the ranking down by quite a lot. 5/10

·      Tuesday: Tacos…again great until you realize that they’re fish tacos. I guess those chicken drumsticks at the main bar were pretty good, but something about them just wasn’t the best. The tortillas were also subpar. 5/10

·      Wednesday: Ah, an Indian bar; always open good. Not much more needs to be said. 8/10

·      Thursday: Cheese lasagna! Of course they’re liable to do what they did Monday too, but even if so, the Chinese salad bar can always be a great backup. 8/10

·      Friday: Kung Pao Chicken! Yumyumyumyumyum! That is all. 9/10