In the wake of the thoroughly deserving Nathan Carpenter being voted the 2014 Patty Jean Semura Award winner, I collected thoughts from Nathan’s teachers and peers on the great man himself.

On Nathan at large:

“A good guy.”

“A man who uses humor to connect lives.”

“A delightful mix of Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell……. But so much better than that terrible movie they did together.”

If you weren’t aware, the MLB’s opening day was on Monday (well, technically it was earlier, but for the vast majority of teams, it was Monday)! Whether your favorite team is the Seattle Mariners, the Los Angeles Angels, the Pittsburgh Pirates, or, god forbid, the St. Louis Cardinals or the Boston Red Sux, the opening day of the season is always an exciting time. Of course, the two biggest positives were than the Mariners won and the Red Sux lost. That’s enough to cheer me up for an entire day.

Now that Oregon might actually have clear skies at night, astronomers statewide are out with their telescopes and binoculars. But even if you don’t have a scope, you can still enjoy the night sky from as close to home as your front yard. To help you with the effort of exploring our infinite universe, I’ll be publishing this article weekly as a guide to the constellations and planets in case you get that urge to look up.

After spending the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament frantically refreshing the SportsCenter app in the Houston airport and begging the shambolic March Madness Live to do its job, I am keeping a diary of Friday of the tournament – basking in the glory of some 12 straight hours of buzzer-beaters, shredded brackets, cheering for guys named Shelly and Frank from schools like Nebraska and New Mexico, and generally licking my wounds.