Olivia Polk by Spencer Slovic and Brian Eisner


Would you rather Orlando be your older or younger brother? I would rather be older than Orlando haha

Favorite movie? TITANIC

Favorite bad movie? MEAN GIRLS

Favorite book? I don’t read

Favorite subject? Spanish

Same-sex celebrity crush? Emma Watson

Male celebrity crush? Austin Butler

Last time I regretted being mean? Im never mean!

Favorite Kanye song? Bound 2

Culture shock- success or disappointment? Success

Community board or policy board? policy board. I’m not creative enough for community board.

Middle School or Upper School? Upper School

First impression of Robby Benton? He talks so much

Top played song in iTunes? All I Want by Kodaline

Library Week? I don’t even know what library week is

Hurdles or high jump? Hurdles because I love James Graybeal

Favorite restaurant? Pastini

One thing you don’t want posted in this article? My love for James Graybeal

Oregon or Oregon State? Oregon

In what way did John Travolta’s mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars influence the civil unrest in Ukraine? what?

How many times have you looked at the Dig before? like a few times idk

Who would you vote for for trivia master this year (pick a sophomore or two)? Not Orlando

Chicken or beef? Chicken!

Books or movies? Movies

Water or soda? Soda. Strawberry Fanta is my favorite thing ever.

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