Candidate Statements



Sydney Stanion

Hi guys! I would like to serve on the Policy Board as the representative for the Service Mission group next year. Here are a few of my qualifications and reasons you should elect me.

1) I have been in the Peer Counseling activity for the past two years, since its founding, and it is a program that I would like to promote and expand in the future. I think Peer Counseling could become an integral part of the support system of the Upper School and I want to see that happen.

2) I am a member of SLAC, an important service group on campus, and it has given me experience in how to work with a group to accomplish goals for the Upper School. I really enjoy the planning that goes into projects like Giving Tree and Project 2nd Wind, so I think I could bring this strength to the Policy Board.

3) I have done volunteer work at Forward Stride, a therapeutic horseback riding center for children and adults with disabilities, for the past 4 years. I love the work I do there and service has become a very important part of my life because of that. I love leading groups to Forward Stride on Mt Hood Climb Service Day because I can share my passion for helping others, something I also want to bring to Policy Board.

Thank you! I am looking forward to possibly being a part of StuCo next year.

Lily Samiee

Hi there! My name is Lily Samiee, I’m in the class of 2015, and I’m running for the Service Mission Representative.

I have always been influenced by my family, friends and OES. Coming from a well to do background and attending a prep school, I feel blessed to have received the amount of support I get at OES and to learn as much as I do everyday. Just as the OES mission statement says, we need to use our power for good and that’s what I love about doing AASK every year. Other than just helping my tutees improve in many academic areas, in AASK, we really move beyond a purely academic relationship with our students and instead strive to create a community based off of the principles of culture, family, and peace.
I have grown up over the past seven years in the Aardvark community and in that time, I have seen how communities can be unique and wonderful groups, that when combined and interconnected, become a beautiful diversified whole. The program has given me another purpose in my life by looking beyond my own daily routine and problems and instead focusing on those around me. AASK is not just an opportunity to connect with another nearby community, but it is a privilege for OES to have, and I would like to help share this privilege with the whole OES community and the policy board. The policy board will be responsible for helping form the bridge between the students and the faculty/administration and I hope to expand this bridge so we as one can learn about ourselves, our neighboring communities and the world around us.

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