Candidate Statements



Samuel Berger

I am Samuel Berger and I am running for the civics mission group representative to the Student 
Council. This year, as a freshman, I participated in both mock trial and M.U.N. As the only
freshman on mock trial I was alone but I had the upperclassmen to advise me and had to learn large 
amounts of material in a very short amount of time. Mock trial gave me the chance to express my 
love for litigation, problem solving, and quick thinking. Mock trial is at some schools a class, some 
schools have even more than one team, but OES had one small team that practiced late at night 
twice a week, but because of our team working skills, tenacious practices, and diligent leaders 
were only one spot away from going to the next competition.  We didn’t win this year, but I am 
confident that in the years to come with more involved we will go further. Mock trial is not just for the 
litigators, it is for the students who act, who like to argue, and OES has many very talented actors 
and actresses which mock trial could benefit from. The problem is that nobody knows about these 
opportunities because there is not a person to clearly show the greatness of programs like mock 
trial and with your votes I can change that and make sure that every ounce of OES’s great talents 
are utilized and put to great rewarding work. 


Rowan Berridge

I am interested in nominating myself for a position on the civics group on Student Council. I believe that I would be a good addition to the group because I am very collaborative as well as contributive. I’ve always been interested in working with my peers to accomplish positive changes in the future. This past year I was an active member of the Mock Trial club and which gave me a much better understanding of how the legal process works and I would relish the chance to apply this knowledge to the Civics group.

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