Candidate Statements



Sarah Wong

My name is Sarah Wong and I am a rising Junior. Thank you for considering me as your education mission representative.
So, what is education? It is so much more than just a system of learning. It is so much more than knowing how to sit at a desk and focus. We are taught to complete homework to fill the time, and set aside our interests for the best grades. But really, education is about experience and wonder. It is about digging deeper into what fascinates you and sharing your findings with others to make our world a better place. Education opens doors and I think it’s a shame that many people don’t realize this. Our education system is far from perfect, and it is up to us to change it.
I want to make sure that the interests of the student body are reflected in our school policies. I want our student body to be passionate about how we decide to run our school, because without passion we cannot achieve success.
I am very involved in many activities at OES including, OBOB, Midwinter Madness, Mock Trial, and tennis. I am very responsible, dedicated, and trustworthy. I don’t just make empty promises. I am a good team player and will work well with the other members of student government.
As a mission representative I would communicate with the student body, and make sure that YOUR ideas are represented in student government. I can’t promise that there will be no more homework or that the lunch will always be amazing, but I can promise that I will care deeply about your concerns and work my hardest to alleviate them.
I look forward to making your ideas happen. Thanks for your consideration.
Sarah Wong

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