Candidate Statements



Sarayu Caulfield

Hey Guys!
I’m Sarayu Caulfield and I could not be more excited to run for student body president. The one thing that sticks out to me most about OES is the sense of community and the people we have around us every day. We are all surrounded by one big aardvark family; and more than anything, I want this OES family to thrive next year. Through my past years at OES, I believe I have the leadership experience necessary to make the next year the best it can be. Whether in the classroom, in the halls, or on the field, I love connecting with all of you and hearing your ideas to make them count. That is exactly what I want to do next year if I get the chance. I have been a captain of a sports team at OES (S/O to JV Girls Soccer 2012), been on MWM and ISA, as well as serving on the Class Board or StuCo all three years of HS. I think by having this past experience, I can bring fluidity between the two years and accurately assess what needs to be improved in our student government system, both policy and community boards alike. I cannot wait to give you all a voice in our student government and create the most inclusive and crazy fun daily environment for all of you, with amazing new social events and policy changes.

I can’t wait for an awesome year with all of you!

Charlie Buker

My name is Charlie Buker and I would be honored to be elected Student Body President. After an amazing thirteen years at OES, I want to give back to this incredible school. Focusing on citizenship, community, and school spirit, I am committed to enhancing both the enjoyment and quality of student life in the Upper School.

As the junior class representative on the Policy Board, I have been actively engaged in exploring ways to improve citizenship throughout the Upper School. I believe that students here are capable of self-monitoring and with encouragement from StuCo representatives, students will embrace their responsibility with enthusiasm.

I cherish community at OES. We are widely known for our incredible sense of community, yet I would like to increase student interaction throughout the dorms. With additional fun activities specifically designed to help dorm students and day students connect, these relationships will improve and strong bonds will be created to further blend the two entities into one.

School spirit is a topic dear to my heart. Some have referred to me as a “Super Fan” of various sports and activities around the school. I propose that we create the “Spirit Activity,” which would meet during Activity block, and participants would have the pleasure of promoting extracurricular events, from sports to drama and everything in between.

I love OES more than anything, and if elected President, I pledge to increase participation and enthusiasm throughout the school and make student life the best feature OES has to offer.

Peter Graham

My name is Peter Graham and I will be running for Student Body President for the 2014-2015 school year. I’m running for the position because I want an opportunity to give back to the community and help with the organization of school activities. I feel like I would do well in the role of president because I pride myself in making sure everyone has the chance to contribute, and I try to involve as many ideas as possible. As for my qualifications, I’ll admit, I have not been on either policy or community board, but I have been elected to represent the senior class on the community board for next year. Outside of StuCo I have a lot of experience in organizing both large and small activities from my time in the Boy Scouts. My main two goals for next year are to create as much general student involvement as possible, and to create a lot more, smaller all school activities throughout the year. The two will work together as I want to get feedback and ideas for new activities ranging from field days to board game competitions. My hope is that with more involvement and more activities we can provide a larger variety of social events that would help to include members of the community who have a variety of interests. I look forward to sharing more of my ideas and skills throughout the campaign period where I hope I will show you my enthusiasm. Good luck to all of the other candidates, and I can’t wait to kick off this election season.

Gabe Smith Rogers

With spring now upon us, and summer fast approaching, it’s once again time to begin shaping the coming year. It’s time for everyone to turn their attention to the choices that must be made for the entire school’s year: Elections! And there’s no more important decision than who will become the next Student Body President. I believe it’s the responsibility of the President to lead StuCo and the student body toward both long-term positive changes to our school, and the most captivating, fun-filled year possible. If elected, I will lead by example, not only by standing up for what I believe in, but also by being engaged listener, to make certain that everyone’s voice is heard. As a player on and manager of OES Men’s Basketball teams, I learned how to be a team player, and what it’s like to work behind the scenes. I’ve long had an interest in leadership, which I have pursued in a variety of ways: freshman and sophomore year I served on my grade’s class board, and I’ve attended a number of leadership training opportunities, ranging from summer camps to Mercy Corps workshops. As your president, my main goals will be to improve communication between students, StuCo, and the OES administration, and to build a closer, more supportive OES community.

Together let’s make next year a wonderfully wild ride,
Gabe Smith-Rodgers

Daniel Scoggins

Community is a word that people use often when talking about the positive aspects of the OES Upper School; and that’s a great thing. The OES community is structured in a way that edifies our student body and creates a great environment throughout the school. As everyone knows, our student government, responsible for organizing much of the structure of our community, has been in a major systemic transition period for the past year and will continue to change through next year.

As your Student Body President, I will provide a stable and analytical perspective through this process of change, while still working to act as a catalyst for new and positive growth in our community. Equally as important, I’ll be a source of genuine enthusiasm and support for our community as we make our way through the year.

The foremost job of the Student Body President is to represent the voice of the student body, a job that I feel well suited to after weeks, months, and years of getting to know most of you personally. After being part of this year’s varsity soccer team, I know what it’s like to work with other people on a successful team. Additionally, as a serious musician, I know what it takes to be dedicated to pursuing success, and as the principal cellist in my orchestra, I have learned what it means to be held accountable as a leader for the success of a group.

I would be honored to have your vote!
-Daniel Scoggins

Alexandra Ulmer

I’m Alexandra Ulmer and I’m running for Student Body President. I think I am well qualified for this role as I have been at OES for 13 years and know it well. I also was the Sophomore Class Representative during the year that the new student government structure was created. I therefore feel that I have a strong understanding of this new format and that the experience helped to strengthen my leadership skills.

We are proud of our community.  But, if I am elected as Student Body President, my goal will be to make our community even stronger. I hope to do this in two ways.  First, I would like to see our student government further integrated into the Upper School.  Our new government structure laid a great foundation for a strong community, giving everyone a chance to be involved. But I think we need to build on this foundation by making student government more accessible to everyone and less a separate entity that can feel distant from our daily activities at school. I will work hard to achieve this. Second, I believe that the Student Body President represents the whole school, not just the Upper School.  I will work hard to promote all-school participation and spirit, for example, by encouraging Lower and Middle Schoolers to attend our varsity and JV games.

The OES community has given so many things to me over the past 13 years and by taking this position I want to give back. Thank you.

Natalie Berger

I am Natalie Berger and I am running to be your student body president.  If elected, I will be excited to lead our impressive school into a year of celebration as we enhance the elements of this community that make us great.  As members of OES, we have a duty to make this school an even better place and I am prepared to lead the student body in this endeavor.  First, we must support all of our sports teams through frequent pep rallies, tailgates, and victory parades.  People who help set up and organize matches and meets should also receive service hours for their support.  Second, in honor of the many talented artists that populate our school, I hope to continue the tradition of an all-school, student art exhibit.  Finally, it is vital to the strength of our community that each and every one of you has a voice!  Starting today, I encourage you all to email me directly about ways in which you think the school can be improved.  I know that my leadership on the tennis team, in Echoes, POES and book club have thoroughly prepared me for the role of presidency.  As we all look ahead to next year, I am excited to magnify our school spirit from the sports field to the classroom to the gallery to the stage and celebrate together all that we are.   


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