Vinay Iyengar: A True G by Brian Eisner and Spencer Slovic


Favorite movie? The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite bad movie? The Bleh (oooohhh shots fired)

Favorite book? The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

Favorite subject? All of them.

Same-sex celebrity crush? Matt Boomier

Female celebrity crush? Natalie Portman

Math or science? Both

Science research or tennis? I love them both.

East Coast or West Coast? East coast

Last time you regretted being mean? In 2008 I went to a Blazers game against the Dallas Mavericks. During the pregame warmups I asked Mavs forward Josh Howard to sign my hat. He signed on a small black portion with the black pen and I yelled at him, “don’t sign on the black, you idiot.” He was later ejected from the game and his career has gone downhill from then. He later injured his ACL, got traded to multiple teams, and eventually ended up in the NBA D-league.

Favorite Kanye song? Kanye is one of my favorite rappers and I like most of his songs, but right now I’d say Blood on the Leaves.

Top played song in iTunes? Ambition by Wale, a great pump up song.

Please write a 537-word essay on the merits of science research. People can email me or approach me anytime if they want my 2 cents on the benefits of science research. Science research is something I have enjoyed greatly in high school, but I understand it’s not for everyone.

Favorite senior (besides yourself)? Kevin Haugh

Chicken or tofu? Tofu

$5,000 to any store? Not sure, I’d probably donate it to charity.

Favorite restaurant? My mom’s homemade Indian cooking is the best 🙂

Who are you going to vote for for OES president? I think all the candidates would do an exceptional job and haven’t yet decided who I’ll vote for.

Who would you vote for for trivia master this year (pick a sophomore or two)? Rachael Haugh

Books or movies? Movies

One thing you don’t want posted in this article? idk

Favorite twitter account? Definitely A-A-ron Cheng @acbreezy15.. also Harsha Uppili @HarshAwakening.

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