Election Update by Abe Asher

When are too many good candidates a bad thing?

When all those candidates throw an election, constitution and administration into chaos.

Since ballots were cast in the election for Student Body President on Friday, the race has devolved further and further into mayhem, with conflicting information and murky rules making it impossible to hold a runoff election today at lunch, because, well, you can’t have a runoff election where you don’t know who’s running.

There’s no end in sight. A total lack of transparency and overall communication from the people running the election – fairly or not – makes it seem like the people running the election are making up the rules as they go.

In the school constitution, it says that a run-off will be contested by the top two candidates. In this case, however, it is unlikely that the top two candidates make up 50% percent of the vote, meaning that a minority of people would have their choice in the role.

Because vote totals were not released we don’t know exactly what happened in the first election, and it seems like candidates are arbitrarily being dropped in and out of the race.

The situation will be resolved in the coming days. It’s important to stay calm, and at the same time know that this is what screwing up looks like.

We’ll have updates throughout the day and week.

3 thoughts on “Election Update by Abe Asher

  1. Abe, thanks for the update and questions. We will have a run-off between Charlie and Daniel. The issue at hand is how to deal with write-in votes. This issue is not covered in the constitution and we do not have clear precedent from the past. As a result, StuCo, both Community and Policy Boards, will answer the question: should write-in votes for qualified candidates be counted?

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