Foolish Dig Writer Tries Out Talents With Hair Gel

Patrick McVee–For some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to mess with people’s hair and post it on the Aardvark Dig.

Victim #1: Zach Levis.

Look at that hair! Nothing that a little bit of product won’t fix, right?


His hair is surprisingly difficult to handle. Cailin Carter’s criticism is also difficult to handle.


Thanks for sharing, Cailin. I’m trying to work, here.


Hey, why don’t we pour water on his head? That makes sense.


Cailin has taken over.


Zach’s transformation to Sexy Mafia Boss is complete. WIN.


Victim #2: Tyler Orr

This job was quicker. As you can tell in this very non-blurry before photo, the victim was very enthusiastic about the idea.


Five minutes later:


OK, so that one actually works. Looking good!

Thanks for volunteering, guys!

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