Breaking News: No Drama in Presidential Elections

So I’ve been digging around for dirt on the OES Presidential Candidates. And there is none. Turns out all those big posters in the great hall are completely legal in accordance with Student Council campaign laws. Presidential bingo made everyone pay more attention to the debates. Did anyone cross off snoring? Didn’t think so. Keep calm and carry on. First round of elections tomorrow.

ONE ACTS Previews (Spencer & Harper’s plays)

Spencer’s Play: The Resurrectionist

Describe the play in three words: You. Will. Cry.

Brief summary: Leslie Wilson discovers that her husband, Allen, has brought their son, Brendan, back to life using a blend of robotics and medicine. Leslie is happy to have her son back, but unsure of exactly how and why Allen did it, as well as whether he really succeeded at all. Brendan’s best friend Riley comes over for dinner to put the resurrected Brendan to the test.
Something special I want the audience to know: The final scene has been interpreted many different ways, and there might be many more explanations of what happens.
John Connall as Allen Wilson
Roz Sullivan-Lovett as Leslie Wilson
Nathan Carpenter as Brendan Wilson
Maya Caulfield as Riley Oleson
Describe your play in three words: Quirky, comedic, timeless.
Brief summary: Andrew, an aspiring private detective, and Laurie, his waitress roommate, are hired by the old woman who lives downstairs to investigate a robbery.
Fun fact: The turtle shell is definitely real, and was purchased from a man in Minnesota who sells, among other things, coin purses made out of toads.
Who to see: Natalie Lerner, Steven Cockey, and Tess Oberholtzer.

My Stay in the Dorms by Bradley Crislip

“Brad come here,” said my dad from across the house, as he prepared to break the news that might change my life forever. “Brad, I’m gonna give it to you straight.” He seemed to be holding back tears. “You gotta stay in the dorms for the next week and a half,” he said sternly, as my mother began to faint. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t imagine, what if I, bright, handsome and charming day student, transforms into one of those Connor MacMillans, one of those Hiawatha Davis the Thirds, or even worse, one of those Tim Lans? The thought was both enticing and terrifying all at once.

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Hytime Equine Rescue by Janine Kritschgau

If there is one thing about me that I know for sure, it’s that I absolutely love If horses. This is probably not a surprise to most of you, as my Facebook is overflowing with pictures of my horse, Rio, and I miss lots of school for horse shows. I have first hand experienced the bond that develops between human and equine, born out of a trust so strong that the rider essentially trusts the horse with its life. And in a way, the horse does the same- it trusts that its ‘person’ will be there to feed and care for it. But unfortunately, this is not the case for hundreds of thousands of horses who are neglected and abandoned across the country.

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