A Letter From Your Friend Bradley

Fellas and females,

The school year is ending, meaning less and less articles from us over the Aardvark Dig. I know that has to be all of your main concerns, so I thought I would get that out of the way as I know the tears are already flowing. I know many of you see me as a mother in a way, here to help you with homework, bring apple slices to your soccer games, basically raise you all as you are my own. Because of this, I do not ask much out of all of you, just that you respect your father and I sufficiently. You will all do just fine on your finals, I promise, and even if you don’t and pull the “Bradley Crislip Grade” on your humanities final, two years later you’ll still be looking at some pretty good colleges, as long as you like “Wyoming Community College.” Just kidding, even if you pull the infamous “Bradley Crislip Grade,” you’ll still be getting plenty of good opportunities to look at colleges, trust me, because believe it or not, I, your mother, once got that grade. DON’T WORRY GOOD LUCK GUYS!