A Letter from Your Friend Liam

Hey Gang!

As the school year comes to a close, final assessments are making their way into our lives. I write to you all as a veteran, a man who has been through it all. I don’t condone this talk, but people think of me as sort of a finals powerhouse. I’ve heard nicknames such as “The Finals God”, or, “Mr. Finals”.  Pretty much, giving me a final assessment is like throwing a dog a bone or tirando el perro el bone-o (for those of you taking spanish finals). Inevitably, during finals week, people wander the halls aimlessly, looking for a guide, a sensei if you will. Now I’m not saying I’ve got all the answers to doing well on finals, but I’ve got some insight.

Despite my age, I know a thing or two about the young-folks and how you goons are always listening to your walkmans or busy on your typewriters or watching The Brady Bunch or whatever else kids do lately, but understand that once school gets out in a week, you will have the time to do all of these wild things. So I urge you, just for this week, to avoid the Myspaces and the Club Penguin and those websites that I know you all can’t get enough of. Enjoy your last week of school, but finish it off strong. Good luck pals!

Your friend,