John Connall

  • If you’re writing an essay as your final, and you know the topic, then write a friggin page or so! Or at least an outline.

  • Everyone has that one day with the two really hard finals. No one gets anywhere complaining about it.

    • When you do have that one day, you’ll be confident because you used that one day off you had the day before to hit the books all day. Right? RIGHT?!

  • Tips for finding a quiet, unoccupied study spot during finals week: Check Antarctica? Or worse, the art wing

  • If you actually find a quiet study spot: Get a couple friends from the same class you can study with. The hordes will come. Barricade the area. HOLD OUT AT ALL COSTS.

  • In our day (so, like, 2010), we all freaked out over the Humanities final too, it’s natural. Of course, ours was actually difficult***.

  • Also in our day, we stayed on campus en masse, took thirty seconds to snarf down stale bread from the trash and water from the gutter, and stared at our books for the rest of lunch time. Oh, and the Humanities room was uphill both ways. Still can’t believe they got rid of the snow generators.

***The Dig and this claim are independent