Abe Asher–Finals, are (apparently), starting on Friday.

Finals are fun. School starts at 9:00. We get two hours for lunch. And the day after finals end, the World Cup begins.
The World Cup is probably the beacon of life and the reason for humanity. It is a month of loquacious, rollocking, unparagoned joy and love and wonder. If you think my gasconade about the tournament is taxing, you’re in for a long summer.

So too bad Jurgen Klinsmann had to ruin it.
I’m just kidding. Sort of.
The opening game is Brazil against Croatia in Sao Paulo on the 12th at 1:00 PM – so if there are a few empty seats or otherwise distracted folks at the awards chapel, you’ll know why.
Yeah, I said finals are fun a few paragraphs ago. I hoped you wouldn’t notice.