Brian Eisner–Finals survival tips:

As somebody who has experienced seven high school finals sets, the wonderful author of this piece would like to share some of his thoughts on how to do well on finals:

  • Go off campus for lunch (preferably to Swagat)! It relieves stress well and is a good time to just get away from the finals atmosphere for a bit.
  • Study the night before the exam, not right before! If you study the night before, then the information you learned will sink in while you sleep, while if you study right before, you miss social experiences and the information won’t sink in.
  • Get sleep the night before! I can’t stress this enough; you may spend 10 hours studying, but all that will be worthless if you can barely stay awake during the exam.
  • Keep on the bright side! If you’re constantly convinced that you will get a D, then you probably won’t do as well as if you convince yourself that you can get an A.
  • Take some time off after school! A nice workout or run can actually do wonders for performance on finals the next day by taking your mind off the stress and just living for a little bit.

Anyways, everybody, good luck on your finals! I’m sure you will all do well! 🙂