An Update from Liam W.

by Liam W.


Velcro up your kicks (shoes) and buckle up your backpacks because school is apparently back and bigger than ever. Yup, it’s been a few solid weeks now and everything is slowly falling into place. Last week’s name, derived from the little-known mystical tradition “7 days of Spirituality” has come to be contemporarily regarded as “Spirit Week” (Disclaimer: I made that up, I have no idea where that term comes from).

Spanish teacher Maria McIvor, who is also secretly my mom in her free-time, has been busy at meetings after school lately. Being the selfless man that I am, and keenly aware of the state of the economy, I decided to save the DMV the extra stress for a while. I am waiting out the whole drivers license thing- in other words, my mom drives me everywhere. When in meetings, she has not been able to drive me home, so I’ve had to resort to the ancient form of travel known as walking. I’ve thought about stealing a car and driving it home illegally without an adult in the car, but that could lead to jail-time, which wouldn’t look good on my college applications.

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Bike Parking


by Noah S.

Given the number of students and faculty in the OES community regularly commuting via bicycle, the OES bike-parking situation is rather unfortunate. If one wants to use school bike racks, one has to use the bike racks in either the DC, the gym, the middle school, or the dorms. The DC bike racks are well placed in location but are directly in front of the new(nonfunctioning) vending machines and bikes are often accidentally knocked over by people trying to get a snack. The bike racks next to the gym are not a convenient location relative to most classes and are also outdoors and in an unmonitored area. They are also very inconveniently located for repeated access. The bike racks behind the middle school are a little closer to the upper school but still out of the way of most classes. They also afford little rain protection. The dorm bike racks are about as close to the Upper School the middle school ones but they are generally reserved for dorm students. They are exposed to the elements.

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PFL Week 3

Graham O.

The Paper Football League is beginning week three.

I decided to ask people about their involvement in the League. “To be honest, I don’t really know that much about it,” Says longtime fan Patrick M.

“What do you mean?” Replies Petey W. to the same question. “I don’t really know anything about it.”

The Paper Football has gone through a surge in popularity, with a record five fans showing up to a single game. Red Thunder manager Jordan A. says that his second game was “Closer than the second game.” Paper Tigers manager Noah S. feels “very confident” about his team’s future performance.

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Thus Endeth The Era Of The Iguana God


by Thomas P.

The dual-class structure of the Humanities, having been removed, has put paid to the unique experience that was the sole preserve of the freshman class. Humanities used to be a vital component of the freshman experience, giving not only class subdivisions that assisted in their handling but also a firm base of camaraderie that bonded all freshmen together – the essays were commiserate, the journals were shared, and all pitched a hand into the final. Humanities was also a period to calibrate around, a double period that modulated and metered the hectic pace of the school day.

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Corporate Partnerships At OES


by Abe A.

With vending machines – which, by the way, stole into the school under a shroud of mystery and, possibly, shame while everyone was away on their beginning of the year trips – now in full swing at OES, we have huge, visible, advertisements for Coca Cola in school.

Corporate relationships are important for any school or school district, mainly for financial reasons.

OES has a number of such relationships, which in many ways have become more visible over the last five to ten years.

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All Classical 89.9 FM Discovers OES, And They’re Impressed


by Abe Asher

Over the weekend, Student Body President Daniel Scoggins was interviewed as an up and coming young – 17 years old, which I’ll never forget now because the lovely interview from All Classical 89.9 FM reminded us approximately 424 times during the interview – musician on local radio.

To put it quite simply, he did one hell of a job.

He was funny, self-deprecating, charming, articulate, and incisive – all the traits we’ve seen and come to expect from Daniel over the last three years.

I’ve done a couple of radio interviews on sports talk shows, and they are nowhere near as easy as Daniel made his seem.

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