PFL season kicks off!

Graham O’Connor– The Paper Football League has kicked off its first-ever season with an exciting game between Red Thunder, owned by Jordan Atwood, and team Oatmeal, owned by Lucas Schwartz. Oatmeal emerged victorious in a rapid and furious game that resulted in 20-7, the first win of the PFL. Co-Commissioner Noah Solomon says that he’s, “Very excited” about the prospects of a fresh season, and is anticipating the opportunity to manage his own team, the Paper Tigers. Players’ Union Dictator Jordan Atwood says that, “The first game was a downfall” for his team, but he was glad to see that, “Four fans actually showed up to the game”. Mr. Atwood looks forward to the season and hopes that the league will gain more fans as the season continues. Game times and locations are posted below, and fans are welcome.

This week’s games:

1776 vs Warthogs, Friday @ Room 60, 1:00 PM


Next week’s games:


Red Thunder vs Mexican Society @ Room 60, 1:00 PM


Warthogs vs Paper Tigers @ Room 60, 1:00 PM


Oatmeal vs Royals @ Room 60, 1:00 PM

1776 vs Archdruids @ Room 60, 1:00 PM

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