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*it’s pronounced ‘plaughn•ts’, not ‘pl•ants’.

Karina Hiroshige– In Tuesday’s gathering Peter Langley made an announcement that he’d be giving away free plants. To clarify, that was at “parent gathering,” also known as, “back-to-school night.”

You probably saw the rows of plants, potted in their black plastic buckets and lined up under the walkway outside the MST. Or maybe you found some new greenery on your front porch, back patio, or kitchen floor. Maybe you saw all the new plants arranged on teacher’s desks. But did you ever wonder why? Why might these plants be laying around?

Before and after Back-to-School Night.
Before and after Back-to-School Night.

The assorted greenery are surplus from last year’s greenhouse. (If you’ve never been to the greenhouse, I’d suggest you check it out because there are all kinds of plants, including but not limited to: odd carnivorous plants, exceptionally large plants, and feel-good nice smelling plants). There were about 200 plants at back-to-school night, and only around 15 left the next morning. Peter says “parents are a very varied lot,” but usually they take the plants because either they want a challenge or because   they’re free.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.40.30 PM
Exceptionally large plant.

But actually, there may be another reason. The day after back-to-school night I picked out my own plant from the leftovers. After picking up the purple-leaved guy I stood on the walkway, alone, looking between the forest and the dorms. I was contemplating hiding it in that squared-off seating area or in the forest, when Dana called out as she walked between the MST and Language Wing, “you look so lost!”

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.43.40 PM
Purple leaved guys 

As I placed my plant snugly between her three black pots, I grinned, quite satisfied that I’d successfully acquired a plant to bring home. Seeing the large, mint-like green pal on Señora Boyle’s desk, I asked her why she decided to pick it up from Peter. “It make’s me happy,” she said, “and creates a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.” Plants bring a little natural decoration to our otherwise static desks and homes. We want plants because they bring, as Señora Boyle put it, “the outside inside.” What Peter does by giving away plants is not simply providing us with a challenge to see if we can keep the plants alive, nor just getting us excited about free stuff. No, his plants do more. They bring us a little happiness.

Señora Boyle’s desk, with mint-like green pal on left.
Señora Boyle’s desk, with mint-like green pal on left.

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