All Classical 89.9 FM Discovers OES, And They’re Impressed


by Abe Asher

Over the weekend, Student Body President Daniel Scoggins was interviewed as an up and coming young – 17 years old, which I’ll never forget now because the lovely interview from All Classical 89.9 FM reminded us approximately 424 times during the interview – musician on local radio.

To put it quite simply, he did one hell of a job.

He was funny, self-deprecating, charming, articulate, and incisive – all the traits we’ve seen and come to expect from Daniel over the last three years.

I’ve done a couple of radio interviews on sports talk shows, and they are nowhere near as easy as Daniel made his seem.

He even took a death-trap question like, “Is there anything you want the world to know about yourself,” and somehow turned it into three more minutes of quality radio that hit on a girlfriend, a driver’s license, and a gushing ode from the interviewer.

Bravo, sir.

Daniel, I’m so proud of you I almost want to dress up for spirit week.

Olivia Langley was also interviewed earlier this summer, and she was fantastic too – assured, confident, and Jesus Christ accomplished.

Five minutes into the interview, I’d already lost track of all the various bands and achievements she’d casually listed.

This is all so good, All Classical 89.9 FM might invite me on.

I have some long-standing affection for All Classical FM from drizzly Saturday mornings driving around in my dad’s old Volvo doing errands and going to and from my soccer games, listening to that classical music when all I really wanted to be doing was watching college football.

Anyway, here’s another tip of the cap to Daniel and Olivia. When you two need an agent, call me. I’ll be the unemployed and broke guy living in his mom’s basement in Portland with a political science/journalism/law degree.

Well, maybe I won’t be unemployed if I get a law degree. But my soul will be broken.

Here is the link to Daniel’s interview:

And the link to Olivia’s:

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