An Update from Liam W.

by Liam W.


Velcro up your kicks (shoes) and buckle up your backpacks because school is apparently back and bigger than ever. Yup, it’s been a few solid weeks now and everything is slowly falling into place. Last week’s name, derived from the little-known mystical tradition “7 days of Spirituality” has come to be contemporarily regarded as “Spirit Week” (Disclaimer: I made that up, I have no idea where that term comes from).

Spanish teacher Maria McIvor, who is also secretly my mom in her free-time, has been busy at meetings after school lately. Being the selfless man that I am, and keenly aware of the state of the economy, I decided to save the DMV the extra stress for a while. I am waiting out the whole drivers license thing- in other words, my mom drives me everywhere. When in meetings, she has not been able to drive me home, so I’ve had to resort to the ancient form of travel known as walking. I’ve thought about stealing a car and driving it home illegally without an adult in the car, but that could lead to jail-time, which wouldn’t look good on my college applications.

So anyway, going back to my Spirit Week topic, I was vigorously walking home in my Spirit Week clothes almost every day last week and along the way have probably lost a lot of credibility in the eyes of people who don’t know what Spirit week. Drivers have diverted their attention from the road to stare at my strange clashing outfit or my cuffed tropical bathing suit that showed off about three inches too much thigh.

The dude in my neighborhood who pays me to walk his dog sometimes saw me walking home on Hipster Day with my tucked in flannel, 3D glasses, and khakis rolled up to my calves. I thought about darting into a bush and camping out there until he walked by, but it was too late. He had already seen me.

Wide-eyed, all he could muster up was a disappointed sounding “Oh, hey, Liam”. I’m sure he is sitting at his kitchen table at this moment frantically searching his phone book and making arrangements to get a new dog-walker, one who dresses properly and wears glasses with lenses.

The crazy looks, honks from cars, and loss of respect I got from strangers is just part of the Spirit Week experience. I hope everyone is enjoying school so far, I know I’m having a blast!

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