Bike Parking


by Noah S.

Given the number of students and faculty in the OES community regularly commuting via bicycle, the OES bike-parking situation is rather unfortunate. If one wants to use school bike racks, one has to use the bike racks in either the DC, the gym, the middle school, or the dorms. The DC bike racks are well placed in location but are directly in front of the new(nonfunctioning) vending machines and bikes are often accidentally knocked over by people trying to get a snack. The bike racks next to the gym are not a convenient location relative to most classes and are also outdoors and in an unmonitored area. They are also very inconveniently located for repeated access. The bike racks behind the middle school are a little closer to the upper school but still out of the way of most classes. They also afford little rain protection. The dorm bike racks are about as close to the Upper School the middle school ones but they are generally reserved for dorm students. They are exposed to the elements.

All of these bike racks are work in different situations, but the main flaw in any of these previous locations is there lack of proximity to the upper school proper. If a bike rack was to be placed someplace ideal in the foyer to the upper school it would let cycling members of the OES community to get more use out of the bike racks. A bike rack in the main building would be an indoor, centrally located, secure place for cyclists to lock up their bikes. It also wouldn’t be in the way of students trying to get to classes or buy food– all in all, a central bike rack would be a great solution to the troubles faced by OES bikers.

2 thoughts on “Bike Parking

  1. In comment to the “nonfunctioning” vending machines in the article Bike Parking. For all vending machine issues please see Kelly Cowing in the food service office. I am happy to place a service call for machines not operating and or refund monies if need be. Cheers!

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