Oatmeal vs Hotcrossbuns (PFL Update)

Graham O.

In one of the most exciting matchups in the history of the League, the two top-ranked teams faced off against each other in a fierce battle for the top spot in the leaderboards. Lucas S, managing Oatmeal, was defending his title as the best player in the league from Will A, manager of Hotcrossbuns. After many touchdowns and ever more turnovers, Hotcrossbuns emerged victorious with a final score of 20-3. The game also broke the PFLs record of most fans at a single game, with a groundbreaking nine fans coming to the game to show support. Recorded footage of the game can be found below.’

JV2 Update

by Petie W.

The proud and glorious JV2 soccer team is having a wild season. We are not doing great as far as our record is concerned, but of course that’s not what really matters. We also don’t have a big attendance rate at practice, so we have been practicing with JV the last couple times. On Wednesday we had a game, and it was pouring rain out, we ended up having to move from the turf at halftime to a field which was basically just mud. I had forgotten my cleats and basically had to run on my tiptoes to keep from slipping with my running shoes on, and even the referee fell at one point. As the soccer season comes to an end all the kids get ready for basketball, cricket, squash, wrestling, etc. I hope JV2 will end the season with a couple W’s.

Mercy is at Our Core

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.39.25 PM

Karina H.

Engineering Design, affectionately dubbed EngDes, went on a field trip! Four weeks ago (I know Kara, I’m sorry), our class piled into an OES bus, maneuvered through US 26 mid-morning traffic, and blocked half of Ankeny Street as we unloaded in front of the Mercy Corps headquarters. The Action Center looks like one of those interactive museums: trash hanging artfully from the ceiling, rubble sitting encased in plexiglass boxes, a whole wall filled with clipboards. A lot of us got hung up by a circular table that we could spin around to reveal information about “secure, productive, and just communities.”

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Interview With The Great Ed Cecere

by Peter W. and Jack S. 

Last week, we had the opportunity to interview Ed Cecere the Technology Coordinator in the Upper School about his job and the current state of technology in the Upper School right now. Most importantly, though, he is Petie’s advisor. Here’s our interview.

Q: What is one the biggest and most consistent things you deal with?

A: We at the tech office help students fix problems with their technology. We also help teachers use technology in the classroom in an effective way.

Q: What is one of the most annoying things students do?

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Let’s All Do Better With The Dining Hall Dessert

by Abe A.

I generally don’t like being treated like a second grader, and certainly not some sort of inmate, so I was ill-flattered, and then totally irritated, while walking up to the cookie platter in the dining hall at lunch on Wednesday.

There has long been a decree in the dining hall that each student only take one piece of dessert, and that’s fine. Desserts are – unfortunately – typically unhealthy and not exactly the kind of food you want students eating in the middle of the school day.

There also frequently isn’t enough dessert for everyone, sometimes not even enough for everyone in the high school to have one piece.

Hence the piece of dessert per person rule. The problem isn’t with the rule. It’s the way it has recently been enforced.

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