Uneventful Elections

Peter W.

This year the 9th grade elections for StuCo weren’t all that exciting. The four positions available were two for Community Board, one for Policy Board, and one for the Disciplinary Committee. The Community Board plans dances, activities, and other school events that bring the community together. Policy Board deals with and occasionally changes school rules if necessary. The Disciplinary Committee consists of a student representative from each grade helping to give appropriate consequences for inappropriate actions by students (disclosure: my mother is head of the DC). All of these positions are a big commitment, especially the DC because it needs to be first priority. Meetings usually last around 3-4 hours.

Four members from our class of 2018 ran for the four available positions.I heard their speeches in Class Meetings, and took part in the voting. From what I know these four people are very capable and should represent our grade very well on StuCo.

But why so few candidates? It seems to be a mystery to all of us. It’s possible the low number of candidates is due to the lack of information given about what each position is about. The faculty informed everybody about the elections, but in my opinion, did not give a sufficient amount of information about the positions. Given the lack of information given, I would only expect the really motivated people who were planning to run before they heard anything about it. Next year I hope that more specific information is given and my class has election that involves real competition.

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