Why OES Needs A New Battle Song


Image by John Holloran, US Faculty

by Patrick M.

“I’m an an Aardvark,

I’m an Aardvark,

I’m an Aardvark ‘till I die-

– and I’d rather be an aardvark

than a tree from Catlin High.”

-the OES battle song

I know OES to be a positive, welcoming place. OES students take pride in our shared identity while celebrating our differences. Similarly, our rivalry with Catlin Gabel is a friendly one. OESians are proud to go to OES, but for the most part we celebrate our relationship with other schools in the Portland area, particularly Catlin.

Why, then, is our spirit song negative? The last two set a poor example for the middle and lower schools. However lighthearted the song is sung comes off like bad sportsmanship. It is completely opposite the OES mission: to realize our “power for good” as members of the wider community.

Imagine that you are at Catlin’s homecoming pep rally. Catlin is playing OES in soccer later that day, and hundreds of Catlin students are being encouraged to sing:

“I’m an Eagle

I’m an Eagle

I’m an Eagle forever

I don’t want to be an Aardvark

Never, never, never”

That rhyme was a little lame. But still, imagine that a whole bunch of Catlin kindergarteners are singing it.

Creepy, right?

It’s not wrong to show school spirit or friendly rivalry. Both can be a lot of fun. But we should make sure we show our spirit in a positive way that represents the best our community has to offer.

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