Candidate Statement

by Regina L. – Special To The Aardvark Dig


My name’s Regina, I’m a junior this year, and I’m excited to be running for the Identity rep position on stuco.  
I’m an incredibly involved, dedicated and passionate member of each group I belong to. I’ve spent most of my 5 years at OES being somehow involved in diversity related work, and this will be my second year as an ISA member. I attend morning coffee bible studies along with my lunch time involvement in Ephesus. And last year, I bonded with Tay over our interest in gender dynamics and feminism leading to the small group dubbed “Gender Lens,” which continues to transform as we (students and teachers) solidify and clarify our place in the OES club community. 
I would really want to bring the concerns of our Identity as the OES community to the forefront of discussions on Policy board. Not only the identities represented in each group, or that I belong to, but any and all that apply to the student body as a whole. So to anyone who has been involved in ISA, JSA, Spectrum, Gender Lens, and Ephesus – I hope that you will vote for me to represent the identities of you and the greater OES community. Thank you!!