Candidate Statement

by Kathy S.– Special To The Aardvark Dig

Hi, my name is Kathy S. and I’m one of the ISA members.

As an international student from China, I have experienced a lot of confusions and struggles, but also fun, trying to “fit in and be myself”.

I’ve learned many valuable things through ISA discussions as well as events like Culture Shock and the sophomore identity retreat.

However, I feel like not many people actually take these important things into seriously and bring them into everyday school life. I also feel like we could do better on the relationship between the dorm and day programs.

I am running for this position because I would like to get more people involved in the activities I have highlighted and think more seriously about important issues.

I hope as more people realize the importance of their own identity, as well as these of others, people will be more willing to understand and and accept our differences.

Thank you,


Why OES Needs A New Battle Song


Image by John Holloran, US Faculty

by Patrick M.

“I’m an an Aardvark,

I’m an Aardvark,

I’m an Aardvark ‘till I die-

– and I’d rather be an aardvark

than a tree from Catlin High.”

-the OES battle song

I know OES to be a positive, welcoming place. OES students take pride in our shared identity while celebrating our differences. Similarly, our rivalry with Catlin Gabel is a friendly one. OESians are proud to go to OES, but for the most part we celebrate our relationship with other schools in the Portland area, particularly Catlin.

Why, then, is our spirit song negative? The last two set a poor example for the middle and lower schools. However lighthearted the song is sung comes off like bad sportsmanship. It is completely opposite the OES mission: to realize our “power for good” as members of the wider community.

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Uneventful Elections

Peter W.

This year the 9th grade elections for StuCo weren’t all that exciting. The four positions available were two for Community Board, one for Policy Board, and one for the Disciplinary Committee. The Community Board plans dances, activities, and other school events that bring the community together. Policy Board deals with and occasionally changes school rules if necessary. The Disciplinary Committee consists of a student representative from each grade helping to give appropriate consequences for inappropriate actions by students (disclosure: my mother is head of the DC). All of these positions are a big commitment, especially the DC because it needs to be first priority. Meetings usually last around 3-4 hours.

Four members from our class of 2018 ran for the four available positions.I heard their speeches in Class Meetings, and took part in the voting. From what I know these four people are very capable and should represent our grade very well on StuCo.

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Your Best Friend Brad’s First Day Back At School

by Bradley C.

Three months of staying up until 3:00 AM and waking up at noon proved to not be as hilarious as I thought it would be, which I immediately realized as I woke up for the first day of school.

I quickly questioned if this so called “Bell Tower Ceremony” was worth going to, because I think I would way rather sleep in, drop out, and pursue my dream of being the next big 1/16th Native American rapper.

I get ready to shower, while teaching myself exactly how a shower works again, as I look in the mirror and realize what I had become after my 3 month hiatus – where I spent most days playing golf and hanging out with my brother, Jeff “Pretends He’s As Handsome & Charming As Brad” [Last Name Redacted].

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