Women in Politics: “What is she wearing?”

by Elizabeth Keeney

Upon seeing a photo of Hillary Rodham Clinton in an article about possible presidential candidates in the 2016 presidential election, a classmate of mine said, “What is in her hair?!” It wasn’t an unwarranted question– in the photo she had a flyaway hair. But the next comment that was made was about her age. At 67 years old, if elected Hillary Clinton would be, at beginning of her term, one of the older presidents in American history. However, on the same list of possible 2016 candidates was a man of 73 years old. Though these comments were innocent, they’ve made me think about what our culture is taught to focus on, and comment about, when we see a woman in power, specifically in politics.

FOX News’ Harris Faulkner

PBS’ Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff

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North Korea Threatens Nuclear Tests

Noah Solomon

In light of the recent report published by the United nations, North Korea and its esteemed leader Kim Jong-un have been charged with numerous crimes against humanity. The report states the seriousness of its crimes has “No parallel in the contemporary world”. Based primarily on satellite evidence and testimonies of numerous defectors, it has led the UN to threaten a probe into human rights violations. North Korea has responded to the potential probe by threatening to reopen its nuclear testing program which supposedly closed in 2013, stating that this “grave political provocation” left them with no choice but to reopen their program.

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OES Lice Survival Guide

by Karina H.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.11.31 PM

So the couches* are closed and we all know why. An unusual increase in head lice has swept the Upper School. Kara and Nurse Elaine’s emails warned us about the nasty little creatures and we freaked out heeded their warnings. Maybe you talked to your friends about what happens when you get lice. You said things like, “You have to shave your head!” or “Should I throw away all my bedding?” As you talked, your head itched. As you read this, your head itches. Mine does.

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Carmen Garcia: “The Most Wonderful Person I’ve Ever Known”

by Abe Asher

The dining hall team’s offices are located in hallway behind the kitchen. You go past the vending machines – if you can – past the bathrooms and the bakery, and you’re there.

It’s not a plush or expansive workspace, with its three desks and a trapped door that leads to the room where they keep all the really good food that you don’t see at lunch.

I visited on Wednesday November 12th – it was a day off from soccer after we all came down with hypothermia won the semifinal against Creswell.

Carmen Garcia died on November 3rd. She had been sick for a long time with stomach cancer, and chances are you didn’t know her name or her story, but you did know her smile.

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Upcoming Nog

by Thomas Pinkava

As the holiday season checks in, one may think it’s time to check out and allow the holiday spirit to bear one along. The teachers have a different idea: the order of the day being more and more schoolwork until finals. It’s enough to break even the strongest of souls.

Fortunately for us, eggnog is here to drown our sorrows. It may seem like Nogfest is a long way away, but those haikus need perfecting, that eggnog needs buying, and if one couldn’t actually bake a nog based dish overnight I’d say one can’t bake a nog based dish overnight.

This Nogfest is not going to create itself; it needs a steady stream of nog from many loyal contributors. So why not sit down, grab a pen or keyboard, and tap out a haiku or seven while you drool with anticipation? Freshpeople – Try it now, and never need another holiday tradition again! Returning Nog Consumers – Enjoy! People Who Said ‘Oh, I’ll go next year’ – Go now!

So get your thinkinggnog caps on, and dream up a treat for the ears, a treat for the mouth, and a treat for the waistline in this year’s greatest of events.

Thanksgiving Break Preview

Petie W.

I don’t know about everybody else, but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Break! Unlike most people I will not be traveling anywhere. A whole week at home for me and my family will include a few things.

1) Especially because I don’t have a lot of relatives coming this year, there will be a scary amount of free time. Which for my mom means an expectation for my brother, my dog Molly, and I to take daily hikes averaging about 472.7 miles each. Now my dog will be thrilled about this, of course, but my brother Liam and I won’t necessarily feel the same. We prefer going to the gym, and going in the hot tub for hours on end, and if we’re feeling crazy playing some basketball with the hoop in the pool. This intense exercise regimen will allow us the luxury of eating whatever and as much as we want on Thanksgiving.

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