The Last Men’s Junior “Varseity” 2 Soccer Game

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Karina H.

I don’t know anything about soccer, but what I do know is the JV2 boys team knows what’s fun. On Tuesday, they played their last game of the season against long-time rivals Catlin Gabel. I stood on the sideline with the moms, water streaming down our oversized umbrellas, watching. Occasionally, a parent would run up to the field and yell.

I wasn’t really watching the game, but at halftime something happened that I’d never seen before. At first, the Catlin boys were spread out over the field, practicing or something. All of a sudden, a rather large group formed by the halfway line, and started shouting at the OES boys. And I mean full on, arms out, fists clenched, shouting. I guess it makes sense because they were losing 0-2. The OES boys responded diplomatically by forming an arms-over-each-others’-shoulders, swaying-back-and-forth, chanting-at-the-top-of-their-lungs, team circle. Vice Captain* Petey W. says “I was really motivated by Grady [team captain] being in the middle of the circle.” Two out of the four team captains, Evan H. and Daniel L., add that the circle, “Brought us together.” When asked if they usually employ this team-bonding technique, Petey says, “No. That was the first time we did that.”

In the last few, incredibly tense minutes, Catlin scored. But the OES boys weren’t discouraged. The last minute goal didn’t even stop Coach Brian from subbing out two seasoned defenders for strikers. Not even the pouring rain could get them down. “It didn’t faze us ‘cause we had our eyes on the prize,” says Daniel. Evan adds, “and Grady got a concussion, but it was worth it.”

In the end, OES beat Catlin 2-1. The last junior varsity 2 men’s soccer game was “a great end to a memorable season,” says Petey. “Yeah.”


Note from the editor:

Sorry, Karina for the delay in posting.

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