The Printer Situation


Jack S.

Ever seen the massive piles of printed paper in the printers after 3:05? Students generally aren’t conscious of the fact that when they print their paper three times to the library and twice to the DC lounge, it has an effect on the environment. Ed Cecere, our very own tech coordinator, believes that around 200 pieces of paper are printed and wasted everyday, by students and teachers. Do the math. That’s 1,000 pieces of paper wasted every week. With roughly thirty-five weeks of school, that is 35,000 pieces of paper wasted every school year. 35,000.

“Living in a community requires caring for our shared resources,” Ed Cecere says, “Lets all be responsible citizens and save paper.”

We need to do better. Let’s all set a goal to cut down the wasted paper by half. Instead of printing three to the library printer and hoping one will get through, print one. If that doesn’t work, get the tech office to come out and help.

It’s doable, and it will make a big impact.

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