Letter From The Commissioners

by Graham O. & Noah S.

Dear devoted fans,

What a season! After a total of 25 games played, the first season of the Paper Football League is over. Someone wise once said that all good things must come to an end. I always knew the quote but never really paid any mind to it, until now. I have been a player and co-commissioner for three months in the league that Noah S.(18) and I created. We have taken the game of paper football to new heights and brought it to your doorstep. It has been a great ride and I will always cherish the memories of our first season playing paper football.

I remember the first time I ever played paper football, with Noah in his basement. We were just two guys playing paper football, rookies who barely knew how to play the game. Little did we know that it was the beginning of a great rivalry and a massive breakthrough in OES history.

We would like to thank all the fans who helped make this all possible and wanted to be a part of the PFL. You gave us a reason to keep playing and finish out the season. The fans were the glue of the league, keeping everyone together and ready for more. We would like to thank all the managers in the PFL for sticking with it, even though some of them were really bad (Really bad).  But most of all, we would like to thank the teachers who unknowingly let us use their classrooms. We appreciate you not kicking us out.

This has been a season filled with controversy and discovery and we believe it will be the ideal launching platform for future season and the Paper Bowl(the hype is very real)

The PFL will pick up again after Thanksgiving break for playoffs. It should be noted that the Paper Tigers, owned by Noah S., will be taking a hiatus. Noah says that the Paper Tigers will return for future seasons. He will be transitioning to more of a management role and focus more on his role as the co-commissioner and as the head rules manager. As the Matt Tabak of the PFL he will be able to keep a closer eye on the evolution of the game ensuring that games stays current as well as true to it’s roots and making sure that all players fully understand and abide by the rules of the game.

See you next season,

Commissioner Graham O’Connor

Co-Commissioner Noah Solomon

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