You shouldn’t be reading this. Stop procrastinating.

by Karina H.

With the leaves falling, fountains freezing, and the wind destroying the woods, we have to wonder, how is everyone doing? Or maybe we don’t. But regardless, I polled a variety of students asking, “How does your grade level feel this time of year?” Throughout all the grades, “stressed” was the most common descriptor. So without further ado…

You might be a freshman if:

  • You’re feeling the jump between MS and HS.
  • You’re overwhelmed
  • You’re stressed
  • Homework is getting real
  • You’re learning to balance everything
  • You “have a million things due”
  • Science research is on your mind
  • You don’t know what “Humanities” is

You might be a sophomore if:

  • It’s alright or even pretty good
  • You’re tired
  • You have more deadlines and less time
  • Things are not bad, not good
  • You’re waiting for Thanksgiving
  • You feel like you can balance everything
  • You’re glad you’re not a freshman anymore
  • You’re a little stressed

You might be a junior if:

  • Your body is disintegrating around your LJP
  • You sometimes ask yourself, “What if my LJP was in bullet point form?”
  • You’re tired
  • You’re stressed
  • You’re tired and stressed
  • Times are hard
  • You can’t get enough sleep
  • Or maybe everything is fine and dandy… and you will be stressed and tired.

You might be a senior if:

  • Applications are on your mind.
  • The most common question you get asked is, “So, where do you want to go to college?”
  • You actually enjoy some of your classes
  • The college thing is getting more real
  • You’re stressed
  • You’re always wanting a break even when you just had a break.
  • You’re fighting senioritis… and failing.
  • You hate the College Board.
  • Your first period classes are half empty.
  • You feel bad for the juniors.

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